GamaSec (1)

Q: How does the GamaScan web application scanner work?
A: Gamascan maximizes fraud protection by searching for web vulnerabilities within your web applications. The first step is a website scan which provides you with an in-depth analysis of each and every file on your server. When this is completed, the scanner then searches for common security vulnerabilities while launching a series of simulated web attacks. When this scan is complete your management & technical teams will receive detailed security reports listing the number of vulnerabilities found, the severity level of each one, and the appropriate courses of action.

Q: Why use GamaSec Service?
A: GamaSec online application scan helps you establish trust with your site’s visitors, thereby increasing your sales. Today’s shoppers are concerned about the safety of their personal information, including credit card information. You can demonstrate your commitment to your website’s security and protection of information by displaying our GamaSec Security seal.

Q: How do I install GamaSec scan services?
A: GamaScan requires no installation, no set-up, no hardware purchases, and no software development. Learn more about how to use our online security assessment tools.
Q: How does GamaSec’s free trial work?
A: The GamaSec online security free trial scan is completely free of charge No credit card information is required just complete the free trial form.

Q: Is this service only for ecommerce sites?
A: GamaSec’s web application security scan is suitable for organizations of any size operating on the internet. You are welcome to request the GamaSec Security seal on any site you like.

Q: I have no knowledge of IT or website security. Will I be able to manage Gamsec’s website scanner?
A: You don’t need to do a thing. GamaScan is an automatically scan your site. Our certified security professionals provide you with online vulnerability scan support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: How often does GamaSec scan my site?
A: You may schedule automatic vulnerability scans reports on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. You may also perform manual scans to re-test your system whenever you need it.

Q: What GamaScan Website vulnerability Scan
A: We scan your:

  • Web Servers
  • Directory
  • Enumeration
  • Directory
  • Permissions
  • Web Server
  • Technologies
  • Directory Indexing
  • Sensitive/Common
  • Files
  • HTTP Methods
  • Directory Access
  • Third Party
  • Applications
  • Backup Files

The GamaSec Application Vulnerability scan looks for over 20 know families of attacks, including: SQL injection, Cross-Site scripting, Cookies Manipulation, Directory Traversal and more …

During the scan for vulnerabilities, the program launches a series of simulated web attacks.

Q: Can you help me fix my security vulnerabilities?
A: We will provide you information on each vulnerability as well as potential ways of addressing each one. The choices can vary, but they can involve upgrading a system, disabling an unused service, or further strengthening the access controls to a system. You have the choice on how to resolve the vulnerability.

Q: How do I reset my password?
A: You can change your password at any time. To do so, simply login to your account with your login password and on the control panel click on “Change password”

Q: What IP addresses do I scan?
A: All external web IP addresses, website URL or External IP address of the site you want to scan.

Q: How do I purchase additional IP addresses to scan?
A: To purchase additional IP addresses to scan, login to your account with your login password and on the control panel click on “Add Domains” in order to purchase a new IP addresses scan.

Q: Can I modify any of the scan settings?
A: Yes, login to your account with your login password and on the control panel, click on “Settings” in order to modify your Scan settings.

Q: How do I view scan results?
A: All completed scan results reports and differentials reports are available on the GamaSec website control panel, login to your account with your login password and on the control panel click on “View report” in order to view your PDF format report or click on “Differential” to see all differential available reports.

Q: What types of security reports are generated?
A: Two types of reports are generated automatically. GamaSec report has been designed efficiently in color-coded and graphical format to provide the flexibility necessary to satisfy all audiences ranging from upper management to system administrators

Full version report, provide businesses with clear, user friendly, business-critical information. Reports clearly define vulnerabilities found during the internet security test conducted by the web application scanner Recommendations offer solutions to fix or provide a viable workaround.

Differential reports compare the progress of risk reduction between previous and recent scans, allowing you to track security web vulnerabilities changes by reviewing the difference in vulnerabilities between two time periods and the counts for existing, fixed and new vulnerabilities.

Q: Can a scan bring down a server?
A: scans normally have about the same impact as five or six simultaneous users.

Q: Does the GamaSec Scan Service provide assistance with remediation?
A: Yes. The GamaSec full version reports provide detailed explanations and actionable steps to fixes or workarounds.

Q: How do I add the GamaSec security seal to my Web site?
A: You need to be a GamaSec member with an active account to install the GamaSec Security seal on your website. Adding a security seal to your site is easy with our detailed Seal Installation Instructions

Kerio (1)


1. What’s included with a new purchase?
Kerio products are licensed as a server license plus user licenses. The server license includes 5 users. Additional user licenses are sold in packs of 5 users. A new license purchase comes with a 1-year Software Maintenance contract, valid from the registration date, entitling the user to product updates for the first year. An annual Software Maintenance renewal is required to continue receiving product updates after the first year.

For sales in Russia, please be aware that product updates provided to a customer who has purchased a FSTEK-certified version of any Kerio product may not be FSTEK certified.

2. Optional features
Kerio Connect and Kerio Control are offered with integrated Sophos Anti-virus as an option. Kerio Control also includes the integrated Kerio Control Web Filter for enhanced web content filtering as an additional licensing option.

Exchange ActiveSync protocol is available as an optional paid service of Kerio Connect.

3. How are users counted?
For all intents and purposes, in all Kerio products, a user is a person. There are some slight variations in how a user is defined in each product as specified below.

Kerio Connect
A user is a mailbox. The number of user licenses needed is the total number of user mailboxes created in Kerio Connect across all domains. The number of aliases, mailing lists, domains, groups or resources is not limited and does not count toward the license.

Kerio Control
A user is an account with login access to Kerio Control and its services. An individual user can connect from as many as 5 devices represented by an IP address, including VPN clients, mobile devices, IP phones, desktop computers, etc.

If an individual user needs to connect from more than 5 devices, an additional user license will be required to support the additional devices.

To ensure all users are able to access the network securely and be adequately protected, it is required that a license be purchased for each user that will need to login to Kerio Control, including guests to the network.The admin account does not count as a user.

Kerio Control Web Filter
The number of users in the Kerio Control Web Filter must correspond to the number of users in the Kerio Control license.

Kerio Operator
A user is an account with login access to Kerio Operator and its services. The license key limits the number of users. The total number of extensions is also limited to at most three times the number of licensed users.

4. EDU/GOV Licensing
Customers from the education sector are entitled to special EDU pricing. Discounted GOV pricing is also available to non-profit or government organizations. Please contact sales for pricing information.



1. Why purchase Software Maintenance?
Access to the latest version of the product
Protection against the latest security threats
Take advantage of the newest technology available
No financial surprises when new versions are released

2. How Software Maintenance works?
Software Maintenance entitles the license holder to all product version updates free of charge throughout the duration of the Software Maintenance term.*
Initial software license purchase comes with 1 year of Software Maintenance valid from the registration date. 1 additional year of Software Maintenance may be purchased at the time of initial license purchase for a maximum of 2 years of Software Maintenance.
1 year of additional Software Maintenance may be purchased at any time, provided there is less than 1-year remaining on the current Software Maintenance term.
Up to 2 years of Software Maintenance may be purchased on the Software Maintenance renewal date.
Software Maintenance should be bought and registered before expiration.
When Software Maintenance is registered after the expiration date, the Software Maintenance period is extended by exactly 1 year from the expiration date.
Start date is the date when the product was originally registered via the Kerio web page or in the product’s administration interface.
* Note: For sales in Russia, please be aware that product updates provided to a customer who has purchased a FSTEK-certified version of any Kerio product may not be FSTEK certified.

3. What happens if my Software Maintenance expires?
It is still possible to use the product, but you will not be able to upgrade past the last version released when your Software Maintenance was still valid.
Integrated Sophos Antivirus in Kerio Connect and Kerio Control will stop working 60 days after SWM expiration.
Kerio Control Web Filter will stop working.
IPS/IDS engine in Kerio Control will not receive new rule updates.
Exchange ActiveSync in Kerio Connect will stop working.
Expired Software Maintenance can be brought up to date by purchasing missed years.
We strongly recommend renewing your Software Maintenance to be protected from all security threats, including the newest and most dangerous ones.

4. Software Maintenance Pricing
The cost of Software Maintenance for 1 year is approximately 33% of the current new license price.

5. User count increase and Software Maintenance
When you increase the number of users on your license, these additional users will be covered by Software Maintenance until the server product expiration date.

6. How do I register my Software Maintenance?
After purchasing Software Maintenance, you will be given a registration key(s). You must register the key(s) either from the product or at our website.

If you received a single registration key which is the same as your original registration key, enter that in the first screen of the registration process and continue all the way through.

If you received a series of keys (none of which is your original key) you should enter your original key in the first screen of the registration process and in the next screen add the newly purchased registration keys.

7. Can I change or move a registered license to another system?
In some cases, you may wish to upgrade hardware or change operating systems. The license may be registered to another system, and any updates to the registration (e.g. operating system) will be performed during registration. Before registering a license on a new system, you must remove the license from the previous server by either uninstalling the software or taking the system permanently offline.

8. Are there any limitations to the software with a trial license?
All software versions of Kerio products are available as a fully functional 30 day trial for unlimited users. This includes add-on services such as the Sophos Anti-Virus and the Kerio Web Filter. When the 30 day trial expires, a valid license must be installed via the Administration interface to resume functionality.

SpamTitan (1)

What is SpamTitan appliance on demand?
SpamTitan appliance on demand is a cloud based SpamTitan virtual appliance available at the click of a button and dedicated to your organization.

How does it work?
Very simply, when you click the try now button an email will be sent to you containing the 30 day trial license for SpamTitan and the IP address of your cloud based SpamTitan virtual appliance. Clicking the IP address will bring you to the log in screen of your appliance whereby you can log in, load the trial license and configure for your use. When completed redirect your MX records to this IP and you are done.

Do I need hardware?
No, with SpamTitan appliance on demand a virtual appliance with the required resources is provided for you in the cloud.

Do I need a hosting company?
No, with SpamTitan on Demand, it is a full virtual appliance and cloud package, all provided by us.

How do I know what virtual resources I need?
With the SpamTitan on demand purchase, depending on the subscription you purchase we will supply a default resource allocation based on our experience in dealing with thousands of virtual appliance deployments. The resource allocation will ensure smooth processing of email with plenty of storage for quarantined mail. If for any reason you require additional resources, these can be supplied.

Where is it hosted?
SpamTitan has partnered with several leading data centre service providers in the US and Europe offering enterprise level cloud infrastructure for secure and reliable services.

Can I backup my virtual appliance?
Yes, with SpamTitan appliance on demand you will be provided with access to a virtual appliance management interface allowing you to back up and restore your spam blocker if the need arise. This dash board will also provide information on recourse utilization to ensure you have full visibility on your appliance’s performance.

Is there a trial version available?
Yes, we offer a 14 day free trial of SpamTitan appliance on demand. The trial will consist of a full unlimited version of SpamTitan with the require cloud based virtual appliance, available instantly for your use. At the end of the trial you can purchase the required subscription and continue to use your virtual appliance. If you decide you do not wish to proceed with a purchase simple redirect your MX records. After 14 day trial period no purchase is made the virtual appliance will be removed.

ExBoot (1)

Q : What is ExBoot?
A : ExBoot means “External Boot Up”. ExBoot provides a unique function to seamlessly keep your system away from data lost and minimize system down time. It is the advanced technology that allows your operating systems and all application programs to be backed up. It also offers a boot up function so that you can immediately get back to work, then restore data when you have time. All of these features are operated on a very straight-forward and friendly user interface. You can easily operate it even you are not IT or technical related personnel.

Q : How should I use ExBoot to back up my data?
A : You can ask the system to make as many backup versions as you like, because the system has the intelligence to make “incrementally” copies. This would minimize the system loading and also minimize the space used in the backup space. When the hard drives crash for any reasons, you can re-boot the system through the ExBoot with exactly the same working environment in a few minutes.

Q : What can ExBoot do for me?
A : The ExBoot can build your system image instantly. You can use the image to boot up your host and recover your system. It provides easy methods to protect your data and operating system with just a few steps.

Q : What can ExBoot do for me if my computer can’t support the “boot from USB device” function?
A : For those whose computers do not support the “boot from USB device” function, you can still enjoy the total recovery of data, operating system components, and applications by using the image recovery CD. This restores the whole system in a short amount of time.