Solution pageWe all live and work in an information-driven world. Information is the lifeblood of modern business and, increasingly, of modern life. Without information, the other apsects needed to make a business tick, like sales,customers, investment, profits stall permanently.
So naturally, accessibility to that information is of paramount importance to any business. Losing access to your data not only hurts your reputation – it hurts your pocket.
Despite its importance, it is often neglected in favour of of material assets, staff, hardware, manufacturing plant etc. Why? This is usually because assigning a value to information is much more difficult than valuing buildings, stock, and the other more tangible assets in an organisation.

How does this relate to my business?
A lack of information security is a liability for you and a risk that your customers may not want to take.Keeping the Business Life Blood Pumping is a tough job.

Since 1995 HAN has been offering solutions to safeguard your information, together we can safeguard your information with these solutions.




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