SpamTitan Cloud

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  • email security

SpamTitan Cloud is a cloud based email filtering solution allowing you to protect your users and business email from Spam, Viruses and other Malware. Requiring no on premises software or end user client software, set up is extraordinarily simple and quick. Just send us the domains you want scanned and the IP address of your mail server and we will set you up, after that redirect your MX records to our servers and you are up and running. You can log onto your own SpamTitan Cloud interface and create reports, adjust policies and much more.

SpamTitan Cloud Technical Specifications

Immediate Access – Get up and running in 5 minutes
Multilayered anti spam analysis giving 99.97% Spam Detection, including Sender Policy Framework, SURBL’s, RBL’s Bayesian analysis and more.
Double antivirus protection, Kaspersky Lab and Clam AV engines at NO additional cost.
Content Control to block unwanted email traffic coming to your organisation.
End User Quarantine Reports
No maintenance overhead.
Web interface that allows controlled access from any network and removes the need for client based management software.
LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification
SASL authentication
Advanced and easy-to-manage reports
Full version available in 9 languages





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