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SpamTitan is a complete solution to email security offering protection from Spam, Viruses, Trojans, Phishing and unwanted content.

SpamTitan is high-performance mail filtering security suite that provides the necessary email infrastructure to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises. SpamTitan combines a hardened operating system and an assortment of software applications and services to produce a mail firewall appliance that eliminates spam and viruses and enforces corporate email policy.

Anti-Spam defences on the appliance ensure through a multi-layered approach that over 99% of all spam is detected.

Anti-Virus protection is provided through the use of two industry leading anti-virus scanning engines: ClamAV and Kaspersky anti-virus.

Message filtering capabilities allows you to enforce corporate email policy on inbound and/or outbound messages. Filter rules allow you to block banned attachments or add disclaimers. These rules can be performed on a domain and/or per-user basis to provide fine-grained control.

Mail monitoring features ensures that you have complete visibility of all mail that passes through the appliance with the ability to generate automated reports and/or on-demand reports.




Over 99.9% spam blocked

SpamTitan offers the best protection for your email on the market. We consistently block more than 99.9% of all spam and have independent comparative tests and awards to show this. We include two antivirus products, Kaspersky and Clam AV, at no additional cost. We identify and block phishing mail, mail from Botnets, graphic based spam, malicious URLs and implement a host of other security measures to ensure your organisation gets the best protection available on the market.





ISO image, VMware, Cloud, Cluster

Every organisation does things differently. That’s why we offer multiple deployment options so you can use SpamTitan in the way that best suits you. Our anti spam can be deployed on site at the gateway by using our ISO or Certified Virtual appliance. If you prefer the cloud, no problem, use our SpamTitan on Demand option, your private virtual appliance in the cloud custom built for you. All three options ensure you get the same great email protection, have immediate access to our solutions and can build in scalability and redundancy to meet your organisations requirements.





User friendly interface

We know that you are busy and not only want your email solution to work well, but want it to do so with as low a management overhead as possible. That is how we have designed SpamTitan. From access to the products, to implementation, to daily use, we have designed it to be easy because we know this will ensure it not only provides the best protection but will do so while taking up as little of your time as possible.



Advanced features

The all-in-one solution

While SpamTitan can be set up “out of the box” in as little as 10 minutes, we also include a full suite of advanced features to ensure all your email protection requirements are met. Features like email encryption, pattern filtering, outbound scanning, multiple ISP related features, and many many more ensures SpamTitan delivers the comprehensive solution for all email threats.





Advanced reporting functionality

If you are going to do a great job, not only should you be able to tell people you should be able to show them! SpamTitan, from its Dashboard, to History page (a real time view of all mail activity) to its Reporting Suite allows you to see what is going on and create the reports on what is happening in your email environment. Our Quarantine reports provide your end users the tools they need to manage their email on a day to day basis.



Pricing model

Flexible and Transparent licensing model

Everyone wants the best value for their budget. We believe you should get it. Our simple pricing ensures all customers get the same great value, with no hidden extras. Our products are offered in annual license bands which cover all updates, double antivirus protection, all anti spam updates and all support. On the top of that we offer great discounts for multi-year purchases.





Your time is valuable

Included in our annual license is product support, and we pride ourselves in providing the best customer support possible. From installation to ongoing usage, our support engineers are available by mail, phone and web to ensure your SpamTitan appliance is performing at its optimum so your email gets the best protection possible.





SpamTitan Features

* Two Anti Virus engines including ClamAV and Kaspersky Labs

* Multi layered Anti Spam analyses resulting in 98% plus Spam detection

* Less than 0.03% False Positive Rate

* Content Filtering * Inward and outward email scanning

* Email Disclaimer capability * Simple download and installation process

* Plug and Play Solution * End user Spam management using email quarantine reports

* Web based administrative GUI * Multiple automated reports

* Automated updating including anti virus, anti spam, version releases and system backup LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification


What is SpamTitan appliance on demand?
SpamTitan appliance on demand is a cloud based SpamTitan virtual appliance available at the click of a button and dedicated to your organization.

How does it work?
Very simply, when you click the try now button an email will be sent to you containing the 30 day trial license for SpamTitan and the IP address of your cloud based SpamTitan virtual appliance. Clicking the IP address will bring you to the log in screen of your appliance whereby you can log in, load the trial license and configure for your use. When completed redirect your MX records to this IP and you are done.

Do I need hardware?
No, with SpamTitan appliance on demand a virtual appliance with the required resources is provided for you in the cloud.

Do I need a hosting company?
No, with SpamTitan on Demand, it is a full virtual appliance and cloud package, all provided by us.

How do I know what virtual resources I need?
With the SpamTitan on demand purchase, depending on the subscription you purchase we will supply a default resource allocation based on our experience in dealing with thousands of virtual appliance deployments. The resource allocation will ensure smooth processing of email with plenty of storage for quarantined mail. If for any reason you require additional resources, these can be supplied.

Where is it hosted?
SpamTitan has partnered with several leading data centre service providers in the US and Europe offering enterprise level cloud infrastructure for secure and reliable services.

Can I backup my virtual appliance?
Yes, with SpamTitan appliance on demand you will be provided with access to a virtual appliance management interface allowing you to back up and restore your spam blocker if the need arise. This dash board will also provide information on recourse utilization to ensure you have full visibility on your appliance’s performance.

Is there a trial version available?
Yes, we offer a 14 day free trial of SpamTitan appliance on demand. The trial will consist of a full unlimited version of SpamTitan with the require cloud based virtual appliance, available instantly for your use. At the end of the trial you can purchase the required subscription and continue to use your virtual appliance. If you decide you do not wish to proceed with a purchase simple redirect your MX records. After 14 day trial period no purchase is made the virtual appliance will be removed.




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