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PC troubleshooting is among the most difficult tasks in IT, in part because your PC has so many cooks. Microsoft made the operating system, another company made the computer, and dozens of others contributed the programs you use every day. The number of conflicts that can arise and the number of problems you may encounter is nearly infinite. Ever wonder why your PC vendor always reformat your PC whenever you bring in for warranty support?

Have these nightmares happened to you?

  • You install new software and your system buckles with a massive slowdown.
  • Your anti-virus program does not update in time and a downloaded virus corrupts your OS, you cannot boot to Windows.
  • You try a Registry Fix solution and it savages the rgistry, now some applications cannot run.

RestoreLive Key Features & Benefits

  • Snapshot-based protection- Using disk images, RestoreLive enables you to restore a computer system within seconds right from the computer’s own hard drive.
  • Easy rollback With RestoreLive- you do not need to manually reinstall or remove drivers, operating systems or applications. Just rollback your PC to its fully functioning state.
  • Make baselines within seconds- It takes RestoreLive just 1 minute to create a baseline snapshot of the system, and the restore takes just seconds during a reboot.
  • Schedule snapshots- You can create snapshots on set schedules without rebooting with RestoreLive Pro, which can automatically schedule hundreds of snapshots containing 100% of the system, data, programs, and settings.
  • Restore if Windows does not start RestoreLive does not need Windows to start up in order to work- which allows file recovery from snapshots.
  • Remote snapshots- RestoreLive Enterprise Manager lets the network administrator manage PC snapshots across local or wide area networks, including troubleshooting and restoring testing/training PCs to their standard configuration.

This Product is perfect for:

  • Professions with needs for personal DIY protection of their data
  • Home users
  • IT / computer lab administrator




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