GamaSec delivers vulnerability scanning solutions and services to assess site vulnerability and ensure organization’s web application security. GamaSec offer an early-warning system of defense for web application security, operation security and online information security. GamaSec tools solve major cost limitations which prevent businesses from successfully and effectively implementing web vulnerability solutions.

Website scanning with GamaSec’s web application scanner maximizes fraud protection by searching for web vulnerabilities within your applications and servers. Automated website scanning provides an in-depth analysis of each and every file on your server.

Once website scanning is finished, the scanner performs an automatic scan for common security vulnerabilities while launching a series of simulated web attacks.

When website scanning is completed, GamaSec sends an executive summary report to your management team and a detailed assessment report to your technical teams. Both reports list the number of vulnerabilities found, the severity level of each one and the appropriate courses of action.


Benefits of GamaSec’s Automated Vulnerability Assessment Scan:

  • Accelerate repairs by ranking and prioritizing vulnerabilities while linking you to validated remedies. Time is critical when defending against high-speed digital attacks. An audit service that discovers holes and ranks the severity of problems saves valuable research and repair time. Today’s downsized environments often leave one person doing the work of many. Automated vulnerability assessment scans can be a part of the smallest IT staff, effectively lowering the cost of network protection.
  • 24/7 Unlimited auditing and up-to-date online reports.Automatic audit scans may be pre-scheduled or performed on demand. Detailed reports, security configuration advice, hotlinks to patches and problem fixes appear via e-mail shortly after you complete a network audit. Instead of relying on a consultant’s schedule, you can assess your network defenses whenever & wherever you are.

Regular use of automated, on-demand GamaSec VA will help you:

  • Save dramatically on operational costs for assessment and patch management. Compared to manual testing and/or third-party “pen-test” consultants, automated VA website scanning offer compelling savings in both time and money. Manually scanning one server may require 2 hours of a security specialist’s time. Two scans a month for a company with 100 servers would boost that time to 400 hours a month, or two full-time people. In contrast, web-based, automated VA vulnerability tests for the same network only requires 20% of one person’s time. This includes reviewing reports and implementing any recommended repairs.
  • Reduce human error by double-checking actions of security staff with unbiased, reliable auditing. Human beings make mistakes. Automated web application scanners help prevent security errors by serving as an extra pair of eyes. Running audits before and after installing new hardware or software can ensure proper configuration and prevent vulnerabilities that have been inadvertently introduced by security policy changes.
  • Simplify set-up and operations without adding special hardware or additional experts. Although traditional network security management can be complex, using an automated web-based security audit solution is simple. Any standard browser and standard TCP/IP communication system allows you to run scans, view reports, and download patches.

Free Online Security Scan

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