F-Secure SSH

IT Security

This chart lists Attachmate product versions and their corresponding Product Support Lifecycle phase; it is sorted alphabetically. To reverse the sort order, click the Product column title.






F-Secure SSH Client for Mac


F-Secure SSH Client for UNIXO

5.0 or earlier

F-Secure SSH Client for WindowsO

5.4 or earlier
5.4 Japanese or earlier

F-Secure SSH Server for UNIXO

5.0 or earlier

F-Secure SSH Server for WindowsO

5.3 or earlier

Beginning with version 6.0, the F-Secure SSH product line is named Reflection for Secure IT.

Note the following:

  • For Attachmate product phase definitions, view the Lifecycle Phase Definitions.
  • Attachmate reserves the right to revise the product support policy or reclassify any product, at any time, without notice.
  • Attachmate may classify bundled products or integrated subcomponents into different phases. For example, a component may be Mature, even though it continues to ship with other Attachmate products still in the Current phase.
  • Products or product versions not listed in the lifecycle have been discontinued.
  • Unless otherwise noted, Attachmate’s support for a third-party platform ends when that platform’s vendor officially ends support for the platform.








Some of F-Secure Clients