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GoAnywhere MFT™ is an enterprise-level solution which can manage all of your organization’s file transfer needs through a single interface. With extensive security controls and detailed audit trails, GoAnywhere MFT will help your organization comply with data privacy regulations and PCI DSS. This innovative solution automates Server-to-Server file transfers and simplifies Person-to-Person file sharing and collaboration.

GoAnywhere MFT™ is a managed file transfer solution which streamlines the exchange of data between your systems, employees, customers and trading partners. It provides a single point of control with extensive security settings, detailed audit trails and reports.

GoAnywhere MFT’s intuitive interface and comprehensive workflow features will help to eliminate the need for custom programs/scripts, single-function tools and manual processes that were traditionally needed. This innovative solution will reduce costs, improve the quality of your file transfers, and help your organization to comply with data security policies and regulations.


With integrated support for clustering, GoAnywhere MFT can process high volumes of file transfers for enterprises by load balancing processes across multiple systems. The clustering technology in GoAnywhere MFT also provides active-active automatic failover for disaster recovery.

GoAnywhere MFT™ implements secure FTP technology to protect sensitive file transfers using strong encryption technology and modern authentication methods. With support for the three secure FTP standards of SFTP, FTPS and SCP, GoAnywhere MFT will create encrypted tunnels between client and server systems. This not only secures file contents, but also protects any user credentials that flow over the connection.



As technology advances, so do the methods we use to share information both inside and outside of our organizations. There is a lot of buzz around file collaboration these days and with good reason. As employees become increasingly dependent on being able to share and collaborate on large files, companies are discovering the advantages of providing the tools that make file sharing easy and secure to stay compliant with privacy laws and company policies.

GoAnywhere MFT offers a variety of options designed to make the most of your file collaboration needs. From sending a large ad-hoc attachment as an email link, to allowing back and forth collaboration, revision tracking and commenting, GoAnywhere MFT helps your employees stay productive while reducing strain on your IT department.
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