Cypherdog ensures digital data protection through the use of blockchain technology. Innovative Cypherdog products are our response to global development trends in the cybersecurity sector and data transfer.

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Real end-to-end encryption

No provider access

Absolute protection of the private key

Our Products

File Exchange & Storage

The Cypherdog File Exchange & Storage software allows you to:

  • transfer securely encrypted files of any size (up to a maximum of 1 TB and in the standard version up to 20 GB for two weeks),
  • store any files in a cloud in an encrypted form with a capacity of 500 GB for each user,
  • encrypt files on a notebook or desktop drive in a dedicated folder (safe),
  • text communication between Cypherdog File Exchange & Storage users, and

E-mail Encryption

One click. Complete protection. The software encrypts e-mail messages with attachments and provides recipients with the verification of the sender’s identity. If the messages you send need to remain confidential, but the current solution does not meet your expectations, try Cypherdog. Our software is user-friendly while maintaining the highest message security level.


Cypherdog Messenger application allows text communication between users of mobile devices. If the text messages you send and store require absolute confidentiality, try Cypherdog Messenger. Our software is easy to use while maintaining the highest message security level. The text messaging functionality also applies to our File Exchange & Storage solution. In addition, this license also allows you to use Cypherdog Messenger on a mobile device.

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