Business Suite

Business Suite is a complete security solution that makes centralized security management easy for IT
administrators. It combines outstanding protection with maximized usability.

Complete protection for all levels of the business IT infrastructure

  • Advanced performance that is lighter, simpler and safer
  • Easy license management and less time required for administration
  • Real-time security updates are available globally within 60 seconds of a confirmed new threat

Two versions to suit your security requirements

Business Suite Standard offers comprehensive security for all levels of your business IT infrastructure.
Business Suite Premium comes with Software Updater that offers an additional layer to protection by keeping
the operating system and 3rd party applications patched from vulnerabilities and up to date.


Products included in the Business Suite

Protection for Workstations and Laptops
Client Security
Anti-Virus for Workstations
Linux Security Client Edition

Protection for Servers
Server Security
Linux Security Server Edition

Protection for Email and Web Filtering
E-mail and Server Security
Internet Gatekeeper for Linux

Central Management Tool
Policy Manager

Features and Benefits

Business Suite combines all the features and benefits of the individual products into one security package.

  • Business Suite Premium with Software Updater offers an added layer in your security
  • All-in-one security package that is easy to use
  • Complete security solution that protects all levels of IT infrastructure
  • Light on memory use with minimal impact on system performance
  • Real-time automatic protection against viruses, worms, spyware and trojans
  • Internet Shield and Browsing Protection based on latest cloud-computing technology
  • Intrusion prevention system and advanced rootkit detection
  • Email and web traffic filtering and protection
  • Efficient central management with F-Secure Policy Manager
  • Available in several languages

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