Is Anti-virus Protection Necessary ?
The real benefit of anti-virus protection is directly related to the consequences of not having anti-virus software. The internet is not a secure place by any means, and even the most tech-savvy users have a relatively high likelihood of downloading some form of malware or becoming the victim of an identity-stealing scam just by going online occasionally. Learning just a little bit about the consequences of not having anti-virus protection should be enough to convince everyone they need it.

Here are a few important reasons to get top-quality anti-virus protection for your computer:

  • Protection from Viruses
  • Protection from Spyware and Identity Theft
  • Protection from Spam

Why F-Secure?
Founded in 1988 with circa 940 employees in 20 offices around the world, HQ in Helsinki Finland. F-Secure has been protecting digital lives of consumers and businesses for over 20 years.

F-Secure’s promise, ‘Protecting the irreplaceable’ captures the essence of what we do. We want to protect our customers’ valuable digital content across devices and access – now and in the future – as our customers’ needs and technologies evolve.

F-Secure portfolio of solutions cover home users, business and ISPs. The solution is available as traditional licensed product.

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