About Us

Established in 1995, HAN Technology is a provider of security solutions that protect against data loss, system threats and Internet abuse. Our solutions protect local networks and personal computers from Internet threats and offer a secure environment for corporate  messaging and communication needs.

Throughout the years, the company has gained presence within the highly competitive networking workplace, evolving from merely providing anti-virus solutions into a comprehensive solutions provider with extraordinary sales and technical support. By maintaining its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, the company is able to grow despite wars, financial crisis and the collapse of the Internet boom.

Our Objective

To provide and build better solutions. Together. Our belief in person to person theme has been reinforced over the years, evidenced by the high percentage of maintenance renewals and most importantly referrals from satisfied customers. We seek to deliver better solutions, together with You. Through innovative solutions, customisation to requirements and excellent customer support. And through relationships that are based on common goals.

Cost and Ownership

HAN has one goal… providing low cost, high quality, easy-to-use security and network management software for everyone. Our products portfolio are designed for business users, not technologists. They allow you to take control, it’s your security.

Moving Ahead

To derive competitive advantage from IT systems in the Internet environment, you need systems that are secure, reliable and efficient. HAN is committed to continue delivering and supporting solutions for:

      • Data Protection
      • Productivity Improvement
      • Leveraging Investment in Existing Systems
      • Enhancing competitive Advantage